SunYoga provides gentle Hatha yoga classes for adults in Melbourne’s inner west.
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JULY 2020


Hello SunYogis!

Hope is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul, and sings the tune with out the words, and never stops at all...  ~ Emily Dickinson

Hello dear fellow SunYogis. 

I hope this finds you all well and staying warm! It's hard to believe we have had a whole 10 week term online. It has been a whirl wind of a journey and I thank you all - those of you who have been able to attend online, and also those of you have reached out to let me know how much you are missing your classes but your circumstances mean this option is not suitable for you. We will back in person as soon as able. I was hoping up until this week that most of the classes would be returning in person for term 3. As you are all well aware I am sure, recommendations are changing daily, and what was looking like a return to location classes being encouraged is now not.  So I have decided to keep the classes on line, offer a 5 week term and reassess in the coming weeks. 

This term we have all been dealing with lots of changes and uncertainty. It has been a fabulous reminder of our humanity and our need for connection and community. I have found much comfort and joy in seeing our SunYoga community each week for online classes and have received great feedback from so many of you.  
Some of the benefits of online classes, as shared by you.....
- I am enjoying the online classes way more than I expected.
- I can now do more classes and am noticing the benefits of a more regular practice
- It's great to just roll out of bed and onto my mat.
- No heading out into the cold to get to yoga.Yay!
- I have learned that I can do more yoga at home..... outside of class.
- It's so great to be able to finally do your classes.... (from many who live in other locations including NSW, country Victoria and even New Zealand!)
And my favourite....... wait for it.....
- I can fart in class and no one even knows!   

So.… Term 3, 2020! 

As I mentioned above, I will be offering a 5 week term and then reassessing. If you would like to enrol and pay for a full term you are still welcome to do so. Keep in mind that if you are unable to continue if we go back to in person classes at that time, then 5 weeks is the better option. Thursday morning classes I plan to keep as online ongoing. 

I hope you can join us. My heart felt apologies to those of you needing your "me time" to be out of the house. I really look forward to be able to share classes with you again soon. 

Enrol Now!
Please note I have a NEW bank account details. 
     BSB: 733 161
     ACC: 661 318

Term 3 details (first half)

And for those of you wanting to revisit some of the poetry and readings I have shared in class, you can do so here in the Thoughts & Readings section of this newsletter. 

May you find some quality time to be with your self - which in turn allows for a more authentic connection will your loved ones and those around you. Everything is energy. It's a ripple effect!

Stay safe and warm.

See you soon on Zoom!!

Thoughts & Readings!

Love is not the fabric of everything, the fabric of everything is beauty and our reaction to seeing that beauty, is love. ~ Dr Patrick Gentempo 

This quote was taken from and interview I watched with Dr Zach Bush. Follow the link if you are interested in watching the full hour and bit interview.  

The following is transcribed from a meditation with Deepak Chopra. I shared some of this in class. 
"We have all experienced many different kinds of relationships. Some may have been loving and intimate while others have stalled or even self destructed at the ego and  personality level. Whether we are with a person for a lifetime or only a few minutes, the most fulfilling relationships unfold when we see with the eyes of spirit. This begins with seeing ourselves as we truly are. Looking beyond the labels, titles and other temporary identities we take on and seeing that at our essence we are pure love, pure awareness and pure divine spirit. Spirit is the real you beyond all divisions of good and bad, desirable and undesirable, lovable and unlovable. While your personality or ego may suffer from limitations, weakness or unworthiness, your true self is established in peace and joy. seeing yourself with the eyes of love makes it natural to see the divine spirit in everyone you meet. 

The Sanskrit word 'Namaste' which is commonly used as a greeting in India, means - The spirit in me, honours the spirit in you. Namaste is the recognition that we are all expressions of the same infinite divine spirit.

We are souls first and persons second. When we reverse the equation, relating first as persons, troubles are inevitable because at the personal level we have our own agendas, likes and dislikes.But when we relate to each other from the soul we open the door to miracles. Instead of dividing ourselves into categories of us and them, we experience our common humanity." - Deepak Chopra. 


This photo is from my dear friend Jo's lounge room. It is a beautiful piece of art work from Aboriginal artist Jane Crawford. I am grateful to Jo for letting me stream one of my classes from her lounge while visiting my parents in Rushworth, which is where I am right now as I write this. Their internet is not strong enough to cope with streaming so I drove 20 mins to Tatura to Zoom the class to you. Many of you commented on how beautiful this painting is. So go and check out her work. 




You don't need fear; you need strength; and it is already within you.
The heart is the place where the courage resides, the courage to move on, to go forward, to fulfill who you really are.
The heart is the place where your truest wisdom resides. The heart is the place where you will find your passion. The heart is the place where you will find your compassion. The heart is the place where you will find the quest, the thirst for being fulfilled.
All that is good in you—not from the perspective of the world, but that is good in you from the perspective of a human being—is the place where all these beautiful things reside. And that is the place referred to conveniently as being the most important, and thus called “the heart.”
That’s what a heart is. The courage. The courage to seek clarity in the midst of confusion. When everything is going wrong, the courage to say, “No! I want clarity; I want to be fulfilled.”
Have you experienced this courage? Have you felt this courage? Have you understood this courage? It’s your power to thrive in this world—to thrive, to shine, to be.
You don’t need fear; you need strength. And the strength that I am talking about is inside of you. Knowledge of the self, of you! So you can understand, so you can see, so you can feel, so you know.
To welcome every single day like you will not get another one—and that’s when every day starts to become a gift.
– Prem Rawat



(1st half) Term 3, 2020

Term 3, 2020

1st 5 week block 
(1/2 term online then reassess)

9.30 - 10.45 am
6.30 - 7.45 pm 
July 14 - Aug 11 

9.30 - 10.45 am 
6.30 - 7.45 pm 
July 16 - Aug 13
8.30 - 10 am 
10.30 - 11.45 am
July 18 - Aug 15 

Term 3 classes start on Tuesday, July 14th. 

1st 1/2 Term 3 Cost - 5 weeks

By the (1/2) Term:

1 class per week
$85 or $77.50 Conc.
($17/ $15.50 per class)

2 classes per week
SPECIAL!  $145 or $130 Conc.
($14.50/ $13per class)

3+ classes per week
NEW UNLIMITED!  $195 or $175 Conc.
($13 or less/ $11.70per class)


By the Class:

Drop in Casual - $20

BSB - 733 161
ACC - 661 318
Please include your name as a reference code and email me when you make your payment.


More Info?

Email me


0411 111 794

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